The festive period is here! It’s finally the time to eat as much food as possible, catch up with your loved ones and watch as many of your favourite films as possible. We all know the festive season can have its stressful moments – but with our survival guide you can avoid the stress and enjoy the chaos of Christmas!

1) What to wear

This season’s favourite items, Our Black/Gold men’s hoodie and our pink laced jumper are the perfect choice this Christmas!

2) Plan Christmas and New Year’s Parties In Advance

There’s no better sight than seeing your manager in a Santa hat singing along to Michael Bublé on the karaoke at the staff Christmas party… But it’s essential plan out which parties you’ll be attending so they don’t clash with each other and you have to end up doing the awkward “I’ll spend an hour at this party then go to this one…” – Make sure you and your friends decide which parties you’ll be going to and stick by it!

3)  Do your Christmas shopping as soon as possible!

Whether it’s leaving buying everything until the last minute or accidentally forgetting someone off the Christmas list, we’ve all been there. Be organised this year and give yourself some extra time to relax before the big day, shop in advance or online to avoid the extra stress! if you do leave it until the last minute, Magnitudo’s got you covered with next day delivery… just saying!

4) Go out for food!

Food is always a good option, it doesn’t need to be expensive or at the best restaurant in town. Just get together with your friends and family and fill yourself up on food. You’ll have some time to relax without the extra stress of doing all the washing up!

4) Boxing day sales

Get prepared for the boxing day sales, each year they get bigger and bigger and the demand becomes higher! Be sure to set your alarm the day after Christmas and head to for our sale, but be quick! We sold out by 12pm last year!

What are some of your Christmas survival tips? Make sure to let us know!

Author Chloe Pryce

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