We know we’re a little late to the party but finally we can announce the launch of our new blog section! For our first blog we’ve decided to share the Magnitudo Story with you, so here we go..

For our first blog we’ve decided to share the Magnitudo Story with you, so here we go..

The journey began 5 years ago with a sketchpad and pencil. Thanks to you, it’s 2018 and we’re now running a global online fashion brand, delivering our products all over the world from our Manchester HQ. All our garments are unique in quality and design. We listened to what our customers want and we became the brand through our customers voice. You are what matters, so we see you as a trusted and loyal partner. We want you to wear our brand and feel distinctively comfortable, fresh and inspired.

The future is about the younger generation as much as it is in every generation. We’ve come from the digital era, which means that if you order any t- shirt on Wednesday, then it will arrive by the next day. If you want a pink t shirt in December, we will deliver that to your doorstep. We know what you want, and we deliver it.

We move at the pace of fashion, offering a non- seasonal range of comfortable and stylish home and streetwear. This year we have designed some exclusive and affordable pieces of clothing for both men and women and some of our styles have become unisex. We’re always on the lookout for new ideas and complimentary styles for him and her. We’re finding more of our customers are re- ordering wardrobe updates with different colours of the same items of the same style. So, we’re now offering a wider range of colours. We take care of your budget, as we pride ourselves on always giving you the outfit you desire at the price you can afford.

We can’t wait for you to browse and decide from our stylish and inspiring fresh range of colours and styles. A massive thank you to all our customers, we appreciate your loyalty and feedback. You ARE the voice of our brand and we’re proud of that. Let’s make this season a stylish one, head to our online store and take a look at our new collection.

The Magnitudo team X

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